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Homeschool Made Simple

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This book gives practical answers to the most asked homeschooling questions:


What are the Pros & Cons of Homeschooling?

How to Start Homeschooling?

What are some Tips for Success?

Where can I find Homeschooling Resources?

What Curriculum Options are Available?

How to Get a Break when I am Home with the Kids?

What Homeschooling Style should I choose?

How to Socialize my Homeschooler?

What are Core Classes?

What are Elective Classes?

What Subjects should I Teach?

What should the Daily Schedule include?

What are Homeschool Co-ops?

What are the options for Extracurricular activities?

What Kind of Field Trips should I Include?

What Holidays Should be Included?

How should I set up a Homeschool Classroom?

What Tests should I use for Homeschooling?

How can I Work & Homeschool?

What are some Money Saving Tips?

How to Homeschool for Free or Cheap?

What are some good Educational Websites?

Where can I find a sample Learning Checklist?

What are the Options for Educating Children?

What are the different Materials for Learning?

What Facebook Groups should I join?

Where can I find Homeschool Conventions?



















7. Downloadable Homeschool PLANNER:

You will get a PDF (526KB) file